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CVYN Scavenger Hunt

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

CVYN held it's annual Scavenger Hunt, this year was a little different though with Social Distancing measures in place and the awareness of health and safety.

While we were not able to have as much community involvement as we had previously due to the above social distancing measures, we would like to thank everyone involved!

We especially want to give a big thank you to Cassie from the Creston Farmers Market for assisting with some of the clues within the farmers market itself.

The youth had to do the following clues on the day:

  • Go to Pealows and purchase something for $4.18 including taxes (or closest to)

  • Find a birds nest (IRL) take a picture, and tell us what bird was/is nesting there.

  • Find another team and recreate the iconic Abbey Road photo

  • Take a photo of a Mustang, Camero or Charger

  • Ask a stranger to write their best family recipe down and bring it back.

  • Take a picture of a menu at any restaurant around town (creative is key)

  • Video someone on the team chugging an entire can of soda and then belching (must belch to count)

  • Take a photo of out of province licence plates, one point for each different the province you find.

  • Record a video of your teammate recreating the iconic “All Star” intro from Shrek (bonus points if you find and outside toilet)

  • Take a picture of different letters around town to spell out the word KAREN

  • Take a funny photo of the farmers market manager

  • Find the green juice and video your teammate drinking it in one go

  • Find Bombtons Bombs and purchase a bomb

  • Find and photograph a payphone

Please see some of the videos and images from the youth on the day!

Regards, Dylan & Joanne

#crestonvalleyyouthnetwork #crestonbc #youth #eastkootenays

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